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The Survey and Research Center for China Household Finance, a non-profit institute for academic inquiry, is based at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE).

The Center’s main mission is to carry out the China Household Finance Survey (CHFS). This survey is the only nationally representative survey in China that has detailed information about household finance and assets, including housing, business assets, financial assets, and other household assets. In addition, the survey also has information about income and expenditures, social and commercial insurance, and much more.

The survey uses the most scientific sampling method, building its own sampling frame to ensure that the survey is nationally representative. The survey is conducted by hundreds of knowledgeable, highly trained, and highly motivated undergraduate and graduate SWUFE students. Every effort is made to reduce the refusal rate and to ensure accurate information. The survey enjoys tremendous help from local communities all China.

The first wave of the survey was conducted in summer 2011 with a sample size of 8,438 households and 29,500 individuals. Since then, the Center has carried out multiple waves of quarterly surveys with the same households. The quarterly survey is conducted through a combination of telephone interviews and face-to-face to interviews. Although the quarterly survey questionnaire is much shorter, it collects interesting and timely information about Chinese households’ employment, income, housing wealth, expenditures, and expectations.

About 1,600 SWUFE students participated in the round of the survey which was conducted in summer 2013. On September 6, 2013, CHFS finished interviewing 28,228 households covering 29 provinces, 262 counties, and 1,048 communities. More importantly, the second round of the survey was not only nationally representative but also representative at the provincial level, offering a more comprehensive and detailed reflection of the condition of Chinese households’ finances. The findings from both rounds of the survey have been met with great interest, both domestically and abroad, from various sectors of society.

The Center provides CHFS data to registered users who comply with the Data Use Agreement for the purpose of facilitating scientific and policy research.

The website offers information on CHFS events, coverage of the Center in international news, and detailed information about conducting the survey. Please feel free to contact the Center if you have any questions or need additional information.

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