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1.QYou can not open our official website or the data download link

   AOne reason is that our website is not compatible to some other browsers, so resulting in no response when you click. Here we suggest that you’d better use IE6 browser or with a compatible browser, such as sougou. The other reason is that it may be caused by poor network signal, so you can try once again.

2.QHow to apply data

   A: You can visit our official website click "data". And according to the 4 steps to apply data. It’s very clear.

3.Q: The audit time

   A: In generally, we will deal with your application in 1-2 business days.

4.QHow can you apply without institution mailbox

   AIf you do not have one mailbox which you are in school or work units for institutions mailbox, you must provide something that can prove your identity, such as a student card, a teaching certificate, and send it in the form of picture to as an attachment.

5.QThe data’s period of validity

   AWe can only let you download our 2011 CHFS data. The data was announced in long-term free.

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