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July, 2016
2016 Q2 CATI
Press Conference of CME Taxation
July. 2015
Jan. ,2015
Cooperative Intention with Alibaba
June, 2014
Establishement of CMES Research Department
April-December, 2014
2014 CATI Survey
March, 2014
Signing strategic cooperation contract of research with ChinaPNR

July-September, 2013

In-house interviews

April-July, 2013

Mapping in newly-sampled communities/ villages

March, 2013

Staff training of CHFS implementation department for the final stage sampling (selecting households)

Dec. 27, 2012

CHFS staff visit the statistics station of Liucheng sub-district office in Wenjiang

Dec.24, 2012

CHFS hold “China household finance survey sampling design seminar”


“China Household Finance Survey Press Release 2012” held successfully in Beijing


14 groups were sent to sample areas to maintain the relationship with interviewees and communities.


2nd re-interview by telephone and control of the data quality

April, 2012

1st re-interview by telephone and control of the data quality

May 13th,2012

Research Report of China Household Finance Survey. 2012, released by CHFS of at Financial Street,Beijing

August, 2011 up to now

Data clearing

July, 2011 up to now

Maintain the relationship with interviewees and communities

October, 2011

Sum-up meeting in recognition


Re-interview by telephone and control of the data quality

July- August, 2011 

Entering household interviews


Polit work in Wenjiang

March-August, 2011

Map-drawing and sampling

October- November, 2010

Experiments for map-drawing

July, 2010

Teachers went to Institute of Social Science Survey, PKU to attend conference of CAPI system

June, 2010

Teachers went to Renmin University of China to join in the train of mapping

April- December, 2010

Amendments of questionnaire and development of CAPI system

April, 2010

Professors in the center were sent to U.S. to apply for technical support of household finance survey

April, 2010  

Survey and Research Center for China Household Finance founded

March-May, 2010

Tests and amendments of questionnaire

July, 2009 to March, 2010

Design of questionnaire and sampling

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