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Li Gan

Li Gan

Contact Information

Survey and Research Center for China Household Finance
3rd Northern Gate of SWUFE
No. 55, Guanghuacun St.
Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

Telephone: +86-028-87352095


Ph.D.: Economics; University of California, Berkeley 
M.A.: Statistics; University of California, Berkeley 
Coursework: Economics; University of California, Irvine 
B.A.: Management Information Systems; Tsinghua University, Beijing
Director of the China Household Finance Survey Web site(leaving Li Gan site)        Curriculum Vitae
Research and Projects

Li Gan is the director of the Survey and Research Center for China Household Finance. The Center's mission is to carry out the China Household Finance Survey nationwide, collecting micro-level information about household finance including housing assets and financial wealth, debts and credit constraints, incomes, expenditures, social security and insurance, etc.

Dr. Gan is also a research fellow of the Private Enterprise Research Center at Texas A&M University and a faculty research fellow of the National Bureau of Economics Research.

Selected Journal Publications (in English)

  • Gan, Li, Manuel Hernandez, and Shuang Ma. “The higher cost of doing business in China: Minimum wages and firms’ export behavior.” Journal of International Economics 100 (2016) 81-94
  • Gan, Li, and Qi Li. “Efficiency of Think and Thick Markets.” Journal of Econometrics 192 (2016) 40-54
  • Huang, Feng, and Li Gan. “Impact of China’s Urban Employees Basic Medical Insurance on Health Care Expenditure and Health Outcomes.” Health Economics,
  • Li, Feng and Li Gan. “The Effect of Replacing the Two-Exam System with One-Exam System in the College Entrance Exam in China.” Forthcoming, Singapore Economic Review
  • Deng, Guoying, Li Gan, and Manuel A. Hernandez. “Do natural disasters cause an excessive fear of heights? Evidence from the Wenchuan earthquake.” Journal of Urban Economics, Vol 90, Nov 2015, pages 79-89
  • Gan, Li, Gaoshen Ju, and Xi Zhu. “Estimation of Labor Supply and Exact Welfare Change under Flexible Preferences and Generalized Piecewise-Linear Budgets.” Journal of Econometrics, 188(2015): 526-544
  • Zhang, Shuoxun, Li Gan, and Tarun Sabarwal, “Strategic and Non-Strategic: The Role of Financial Benefit in Bankruptcy.” Economic Inquiry, Volume 53, issue 2, April 2015: pp1004-1008.
  • Gan, Li, Feng Huang, and Adalbert Mayer. “A Simple Test of Private Information in the Insurance Markets with Heterogeneous Insurance Demand.” Economics Letters, Volume 136: Nov 2015, Pages 197-200
  • Dong, Yan, Li Gan, and YingningWang. “Residential mobility, neighborhood effects, and education attainment of blacks and whites.” Econometric Review, Vol 34, Issues 6-10, 2015.
  • Gan, Li, Guan Gong, Michael Hurd, and Daniel McFadden. “Subjective Survival Curves and Bequests.” Journal of Econometrics, Volume 188, Issue 2, Oct 2015, pages 514-525
  • Fullerton, Don, Li Gan, and Miwa Hattori. “A Model to Evaluate Vehicle Emission Incentive Policies in Japan.” Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, Volume 17, Issue 1, January 2015: pp 79-108.
  • Zhang, Jing, Li Gan, Colin Lixin Xu, and Yang Yao. “Health Shocks, Village Elections, and Long- Term Income: Evidence from Rural China.” China Economic Review, Vol 30, Sep 2014, pages 155-168.
  • Gan, Li, Cheng Hsiao, and Shu Xu. “Model Specification Test with Correlated but Not- Cointegrated Non-Stationary Variables.” Journal of Econometrics, January, 2014: 80-85.
  • Gan, Li and Manuel A. Hernandez, “Making friends with your neighbors? Agglomeration and tacit collusion in the lodging industry.” Review of Economics and Statistics, July 2013, 95(3): 1002-1017.
  • Feng, Ye, Don Fullerton, and Li Gan. “Vehicle Choices, Miles Driven, and Pollution Policies.” Journal of Regulatory Economics, May 2013. Vol 44: 4-29.
  • Gan, Li, and Wen-Yao Wang. “Partial Deposit Insurance and Moral Hazard in Banking System.” International Journal of Commerce and Management, Vol. 23, Iss: 1, pp 8-23
  • Gan, Li, Colin Lixin Xu, and Yang Yao. “Consumption Insurance and Local Elections: Evidence from Chinese Villages.” Economics of Transition, Volume 20, Issue 3, pages 521-547. July 2012.
  • Li Gan, Jaeun Shin, and Qi Li. "Initial Wage, Human Capital, and Post-wage Differentials." Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics, Vol. 51, Dec. 2010, pp. 23-42. 
  • Nan Jia and Li Gan. "Heterogeneous Production Functions and Regional Disparity." China Economic Review, Vol. 21, Sept. 2010, pp. S12-S19. 
  • Li Gan, Zhichao Yin, and Wenbin Zang. "The Impact of Housing Reform on Durables Consumption in China." China Economic Review, Vol. 21, Sept. 2010, pp. S55-S64.  
  • Li Gan, Roberton Williams III, and Thomas Wiseman. "A Simple Model of Optimal Hate Crime Legislation." Economic Inquiry, Aug. 2010; Best Paper of the Year (published in Economic Inquiry).
  • Chunrong Ai and Li Gan. "An Alternative Root-N Consistent Estimator for Panel Data Binary Choice Models." Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 157, Issue 1, July 2010: pp. 93-100.

Selected Journal Publications (in Chinese)

  • Yin, Zhichao, Yu Wu, and Li Gan (2015): “Financial Knowledge and Credit Accessibility.” Economic Research Journal (经济研究), forthcoming.
  • Ma, Shuang, Xianrui Meng, and Li Gan (2014): “Effect of Social Security Payment on Wage and Employment.” China Economic Quarterly (经济学季刊), July 2014.
  • Ma, Shuang, and Li Gan (2014): “On the Job Training and Minimum Wage.” China Economic Quarterly (经济学季刊), Volume 1, 2014: pp1-26.
  • Jia, Nan, Li Gan, and Jie Zhang (2013): “Wage Rate, Mommy Trap, and Unobserved Types.” Economic Research Journal (经济研究), No. 5, May 2013.
  • Gan, Li, Zhichao Yin, Nan Jia, Shu Xu, and ShuangMa. “Household Assets and Household Demand for Housing in China (2013).” Journal of Financial Research (金融研究), No 4, 2013.
  • Huang, Feng, and Li Gan (2012): “Moral Hazard in Medical Insurance.” Journal of Financial Research (金融研究), No 5, 2012: 193-206.
  • Nan Jia, Liangliang Zhang, and Li Gan (2011): "A Test for Habit Consumption in Rural Households." China Economic Quarterly (经济学季刊), Vol. 11, No 1.  
  • Shuang Ma, Shu Xu and Li Gan (2011): "Reducing Income Inequality: the Effect of Minimum Wage." China Social Science Journal (中国社会科学报), No. 17.
  • Shu Xu, Han Li, and Li Gan (2011): "Market Competition and China’s Airline Pricing." China Economic Quarterly (经济学季刊), Vol. 10, No. 2.  
  • Li Gan, Guoen Liu, and Shuang Ma: "The Effect of Basic Health Insurance on Consumption." Economic Research Journal (经济研究) Special Issue on Consumption Finance, 2010; pp. 30-38.  
  • Zhichao Yin, and Li Gan (2011): "Information Asymmetry, Firm Heterogeneity, and Credit Risk." Economic Research Journal (经济研究), Sept. 2011.  
  • Nan Jia and Li Gan (2010): "A Survey of the Forum of Chinese Health Care Reform." Economic Research Journal (经济研究), Nov. 2010: pp. 152-156. 
  • Zhichao Yin and Li Gan (2010): "Smoking, Drinking and Wages." Economic Research Journal (经济研究), October 2010: pp 90-100. 
  • Feng Li, Li Gan, and Xiaoling Yang (2010): "Timing of Submitting Applications for the National College Exam." Education Research (教育研究) Oct. 2010: pp. 53-60. 
  • Shuang Ma, Wenbin Zang and Li Gan (2010): "The Effect of New Rural Cooperative Health Insurance to Food Consumption." China Economic Quarterly (经济学季刊), Oct. 2010: pp. 30-39.  
  • Feng Huang and Li Gan (2010): "Over Demand or Efficient Demand? An Empirical Study of Health and Health Insurance for Urban Elderly." Economic Research Journal (经济研究), June 2010: pp. 105-119. 
  • Guoying Deng, Li Gan, and Yaoguo Wu (2010): "Overreaction in Housing Market." Management World (管理世界), June 2010.  
  • Zhichao Yin and Li Gan (2010): "The Effect of China Housing Reform on Durable consumption." China Economic Quarterly (经济学季刊), Jan. 2010. 
  • Shuang Ma, Li Gan, and Xianghua Gao (2009): "Income Shock and Nutrition Intakes." Management World (管理世界), May 2009, pp. 44-57.

Special Honors

  • Rapoport-King Award, College of Liberal Arts, University of Texas, 2001 
  • Cheung Kong Professorship, Ministry of Education, China, 2006 
  • Graduate Advisor of the Year, Department of Economics, Texas A&M University, 2007
  • Best Article Award, Economic Inquiry, 2011

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