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About CHFS China              covering 25 provinces of China on a nationwide scale
Household      collecting micro-level household information
Finance           targeting the financial behavior research of Chinese households
Survey            gathered data from more than 28,000 households for 2013 survey

The Survey and Research Center for China Household Finance, a non-profit institution for academic inquiry and study, was founded by Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE). The Center's primary mission is to carry out the China Household Finance Survey nationwide, collecting micro-level information about household finance.
Organization Directed by professor Li Gan ,the Survey and Research Center for China Household Finance is in its third year. The center is divided into several functional departments, including survey implementation, sample maintenance, quality control, training, etc. These departments ensure optimally efficient and quality operations.
Time Table We released our first-round survey data and findings on May 13, 2012, evoking strong emotion from both the academic area and the general public. Meanwhile, we published the book Research Report of China Household Finance Survey 2012 to share our findings with society.
Our People

The Survey and Research Center for China Household Finance is staffed by experienced and enthusiastic professionals with backgrounds in finance and economics. Additionally, we have a strong advising team, which is composed of China's National Bureau of Statistics, and various prestigious universities and foreign institutions.

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